Tranquility Room

To create a culture of quietness, care for people who care for others.

Through our research, we discovered that much of the noise that patients complained about was behavior-based - people talking loudly, doors getting slammed, alarms not being attended to.

The traditional approach to this problem was a “shhh” poster on the wall - not particularly effective.

We spent time with staff and learned more about their jobs.  They work long hours, often enduring physical, emotional, and moral distress.  Noise causes more stress; it turns out, stress causes more noise, too.  When we are stressed, our behaviors can get sloppy; many of us cope with stress by talking more.  How might we help reduce stress to, in turn, reduce behavior-based noise?

So we created an immersive relaxation space, filled with soothing ambient sound, dim light and aromatherapy, called the “Tranquility Room.”  We invited the staff to come in, and we told them,  “you take care of others all day, let us take care of you. This is a space you can come, even just for a few minutes, to relax.”

Here's what we found.


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Our mission is to make love audible, with a vision for a future, more human.  We are also happy to explore how we can help you to make your own tranquility room.