Sound Experience Research 

What is the most disturbing sound?

Shaun Mir/ Circa


We collaborated with innovation hub at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC (part of Johns Hopkins Medicine) to explore how sound affects people’s environment, experience and emotions, using human-centered design.


We interviewed 40 patients and 10 staff in the Medical-Surgical and Orthopedic unit, asking questions such as:


  • How did you sleep last night?  Was there any noise that disturbed you?

  • Please walk me through all the sounds you have heard staying in this room.  What is the most disturbing sound to you?  How did it make you feel?

  • What is your favorite sound?  Is there any sound that makes you feel safe?  

  • At home, what is your relationship to sound?  Do you prefer silence?  Do you play music often?  What is your favorite music?

  • What do you wish you could hear in the hospital?  What do you wish to feel?

With the help of an acoustic engineer, we created a “sound map” to analyze the acoustic environment of a unit.

Based on the research, we have created recommendations and action items to help the staff improve patients’ perception of noise.

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