Sen Sound transforms sound experience in hospitals.


Our mission is to make love audible.

Our vision is a future more human.

Our offering is sound experience design.


With everything we do, we are passionate about alleviating suffering.  We aim to improving experience for everyone.  Our products are human-centered, creative, holistic, effective, and economical.  We just happen to offer services and products to help you transform the sound experience in hospitals.  

Sen Sound is founded by an expert patient with really sensitive ears, an electronic musician and sound engineer, who had suffered many hours in hospitals, along with her husband, a futurist, expert in helping organizations lead transformative innovation.  



Human-centered: empathy, playfulness, vulnerability

Citizen artistry: down-to-earth work for a moonshot

Social entrepreneurship: impact and mission driven

Evidence-based: developed with hospitals through scientific studies

Futurism: technology as a way to bring us closer to nature

Aesthetic sensibility: beauty of sensory experience is what makes us human


Nice to meet you.  I am Yoko - founder of Sen Sound, a social enterprise to reimagine the sound environment in hospitals.

I am an ambient electronic musician, cohort 4 fellow at Halcyon Incubator, and Citizen Artist Fellow at Kennedy Center.  People say my sound is soothing - like listening to a dream - and it took my work to many interesting places, like IDEO and TEDx.

5 years ago I got sick and had to spend many hours in hospitals.  I was so terrified by what I heard - the cacophony of alarms, beeps, people screaming, doors getting slammed.  Lying on the bed, I used to wonder - some people say hearing is the last sense to go when we pass away; what is the last sound I get to hear at the end of my life?

Sound is largely ignored in healthcare - even though the aesthetics of it could have a great impact on our sense of wellbeing - and a sense of dignity.

Eventually I got better, and the question remained.  I decided to explore ways to help humanize our hospital experience by transform the sound environment - for it to be safer, more soothing, and dare I say, beautiful.  

At Sen Sound, we don't design for you; we design with you. So let's talk about your experience, what you wish you could hear in the hospitals of future.




Coming soon!  

We are developing a core team of design strategist, sound and health expert, business operation guru and community organizer.


Coming soon!  

Our “council of wise” is committed to help us make the impact.