My First Sound

It’s too quiet, I feel scared and lonely.

As we help you reduce the noise, is it possible for a hospital to become too quiet?  Our research revealed that people’s preferences on sound are diverse - and there are many patients who are afraid of silence.  Having no other option, many of them turn to TV as distraction - sometimes all night long - which, in turn, contributes to the overall noise.

How might we create soundscapes that fill the space, like a subtle fragrance, in a way that would not cause audio fatigue?  We decided to turn to our other end of extreme users for inspiration - sound at the beginning of life.

We are collaborating with Dr. Jessica Philips-Silver, a neuroscientist specialized in auditory perception and cognitive development, to explore sound that soothes babies.  We hypothesize that such sound can calm people in any stage of life, in any areas of hospital - waiting rooms, cancer centers, psychiatric units, and so on.

Interested in hearing what the soothing sounds sound like?  
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