Death Doula

Another moment of the week was a "sensing journey" to The Washington Home & Community Hospices on Thursday.

I am still processing everything to be able to articulate the inarticulatable.

Tim, the director, walked me through the center, while sharing stories. 
Outside in the garden, strong wind was capturing and releasing the petals from a beautiful cherry blossom, like snow, as if to remind me that beauty is beauty because nothing exists forever.

Tim said now they are training doulas. A doula, traditionally, is someone who assists a woman during childbirth - someone who is present at the beginning of life. At the hospice, a doula is someone who is present at the end of life, to assist someone through the transition in peace.

Some say that sound is the last sense to go when we die. What is the last sound I want to hear as I take the very last breath of my life? What was the first sound I heard as I took the very first breath of my life?