Nice to meet you.  I am Yoko - founder of Sen Sound, a social enterprise to reimagine the sound environment in hospitals.

I am an ambient electronic musician, cohort 4 fellow at Halcyon Incubator, and Citizen Artist Fellow at Kennedy Center.  People say my sound is soothing - like listening to a dream - and it took my work to many interesting places, like IDEO and TEDx.

5 years ago I got sick and had to spend many hours in hospitals.  I was so terrified by what I heard - the cacophony of alarms, beeps, people screaming, doors getting slammed.  Lying on the bed, I used to wonder - some people say hearing is the last sense to go when we pass away; what is the last sound I get to hear at the end of my life?

Sound is largely ignored in healthcare - even though the aesthetics of it could have a great impact on our sense of wellbeing - and a sense of dignity.

Eventually I got better, and the question remained.  I decided to explore ways to help humanize our hospital experience by transform the sound environment - for it to be safer, more soothing, and dare I say, beautiful.  

At Sen Sound, we don't design for you; we design with you. So let's talk about your experience, what you wish you could hear in the hospitals of future.