Preliminary research: mapping out human perception of noise in a hospital

In May 2016, our team started preliminary research on our "Sound Mapping" pilot at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington DC. It feels like exciting detective work, just being present whenever things happen. Interviewing folks is the most nerve-wracking part and yet the most fulfilling. We start by talking about sound in hospitals. We always end up talking about life and death, what it means to be sick and to be well, the healthcare system today, stories of their closest loved one, and what it means to be alive. By the end of the conversation I feel like I've known this person so dearly, as a human. Maybe that is why I am semi-addicted to this project now.

We work so hard to prove measurable factors so that we can make a space for something unmeasurable, something that really matters most, like the poetry in the gesture itself - of knocking on the door and asking.