Unnecessary Noise

As much of my focus at the moment is dedicated to alleviating unnecessary noise in hospitals, my therapist this morning invited me to think of "unnecessary noise" in our internal thoughts. The perception of quietness is different from silence; it means that soothing sound is louder than irritating sound.

With this thing called "innovation," I repeatedly come to find that transformative insights are hidden in the most basic, mundane, simple stuff, something that is way too obvious and so boring that it has been overlooked. What reveals them is a moment of quietness that allows thoughtful "listening" with caring intentions - what is it that wants to emerge in this field, that I can help make manifest?

In dealing with sound that is "overlooked," I have unexpectedly come to deal with intangibles in our lives - things we cannot see or touch, things we don't talk about, all sorts of things that actually dominate our way of being. Like shades of emotions that don't fit into words. Stories that we tell ourselves that no longer serve us. A glimpse of a new reality.