Yoko K. Sen

Selected Links for Haas AIR Application



1. The Future of HOSPITAl SOund (2015)

Video introduction of my work to transform the sound experience in hospitals through a human-centered, inclusive approach.

2. Talk at Stanford Medicine X (2016)

Video the short talk I gave at Stanford Medicine X.

3. Article on STAT / Boston Globe (2018)

"Anatomy of beep: A medical device giant and an avant-garde musician set out to redesign a heart monitor's chirps" (By Eric Boodman, 2018-9-10).  The most recent media story on my work, with the focus of redesigning alarm tones.

4. Yoko K. Artist website (2005-2018)

The website that chronicles my works as an artist, including links to recordings and performance samples.

5. Sen Sound website 

The website that chronicles my initiative to transform the hospital soundscape.

Additional Links


6. talk at end well symposium (2017)

Video of my most recent talk at End Well Symposium, which includes more up to date information about the hospital sound initiative, and the music piece, "My Last Sound," that features the voices of people sharing the last sound they wish to hear.

7. BBC FUture (2018)

Second most recent media coverage on my work.

8. IDEO Cambridge (2015) 

Past collaborative project with Ayo Okunseinde at IDEO Cambridge with the aim to alleviate the fear of singularity.

9. Kennedy Center (2012, 2017)

Examples of my music performances as an ambient electronic musician.